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Welcome to the Carter Hill Homeowners Association Website
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Smile Carter Hill is a quiet community (near I-270) in Montgomery County that includes Dundee Road, Guy Court, Emily Drive, Dundee Court, & Edith Drive.  It consists of 55 town homes & 35 manor homes, along with tall trees & open spaces, adjacent to Glenora Park.  Our children attend Lakewood Elementary, Frost Middle School, & Wootton High School (rated among the 100 best in the U.S).  A community pool is available to residents & associate members during the summer; for a fee it can be rented for private parties.  


NOTE:  To access restricted areas on this website, you  MUST be a CHHA owner or renter AS WELL AS an approved, registered user.  To register, scroll down to the bottom left of this page and click on No account yet? Register.  Then complete the registration form entering both your first and last name at “name” using "last name, first name" format (for example: Smith, Bill).  Be sure to reply to the email you will receive.  

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 As a reminder to Carter Hill Homeowners: 

Recent events, including  the “Derecho Storm” that hit June 29th, has prompted the CHHA Board of Directors to remind homeowners that Board members are volunteers committed to CHHA issues and that private property matters are the homeowner’s responsibility.    Resolving personal property concerns, i.e., power, internet, TV or phone outages, insurance issues, arguments about property lines and repair responsibilities, tree and debris removal, and general overall home care is not the Board’s responsibility.  It also must be made clear that these weather related emergencies generally affect numerous other areas, and that immediate responses to Carter Hill by cleanup crews and other responders may not be possible.  Homeowners should be aware that general assistance in aftermath clean up is not the CHHA’s responsibility, but should be shared by the community.  While the CHHA Board of member’s duties include due diligence regarding the Carter Hill common areas, the homeowners must maintain accountability for their individual properties.   
For information on a guide to local government and directory assistance, please go to www.rockvillemd.gov.

KINDLY PAY YOUR ASSESSMENT SO THAT CHHA CAN PAY ALL ITS BILLS. Article XI of the By-Laws states, in part “…Any assessments which are not paid when due shall be delinquent.  If the assessment is not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date, the assessment shall bear interest from the date of delinquency at the rate of 10 percent per annum, and the Association may bring an action at law against the property, and interest, costs, and reasonable attorney’s fees of any such action shall be added to the amount of such assessment…”  

Registered users can view the By-Laws by clicking on DOCUMENTS, at the left. 

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The 2012 Annual CHHA community pool social was held as scheduled on Saturday, July 21st, despite the wet weather. The party was a great success, although with fewer attendees than usual, but with many contributions of delicious homemade dishes from the homes of our culturally diverse community.  

DJ James Kennedy played lively music and held games with prizes for the kids, while we served our usual fare of hotdogs, cheeseburgers and chicken cooked by our own Ken Medearis, and enjoyed the soft drinks, beers and margaritas, our signature pool social drink.  

Many thanks to our chef, and to Marcia Gaffney, Sarah Medearis, Marina Lokshin and Abby Lewis for coordinating and planning this event. 

 We promise a rain date next year! 

Under "Our Community" (in column at left), click on each of the Photos20XX to see pix of the various pool parties. 

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Planning on some changes to the exterior of your home or to your yard?  Be sure to consult CHHA's  ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES, under DOCUMENTS (at the left).   

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Registered users:  See LOCAL TALENT (click at left) for new providers - 36 now listed!!  Email us if you have some to add.  

 ALERT!  Two CHHA residents' emails were hacked to send people in their address book a phony email saying they were abroad, had been mugged, and needed money.  Don't fall victim to this scam. 


...that there is a new website that lists which County library has the largest collections in Russian, Chinese and other languages; children's items; movies; etc.?  You can find it at www.MoCoLibraries.com


...that one can procure an American flag (a new one is hoisted daily or more often) that's flown over the U. S. Capitol?  Contact your Senator or Congressman and ask how - there is usually a fee.


* * * * * * *

To read minutes of the CHHA Annual General Meetings click on EVENTS at the left.  CHHA newsletters can be found by clicking on DOCUMENTS at the left, then on NEWSLETTERS.  You must be a registered user to view these areas.  See above for details on registering.

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