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The Carter Hill Homeowners Association (CHHA), Rockville, Maryland, hereby establishes Guidelines for Exterior Architectural Integrity to ensure that the appearance, safety and character of the 55 town homes and 35 manor homes in the association remains as true to conformity as possible to the original construction and layout.

These guidelines are to serve three primary objectives:

            First, it is intended to give CHHA homeowners a framework to assess their options before making repairs, replacements, or additions to the exteriors of their houses.

            Second, it is intended to give the CHHA Board of Directors and Architectural Committee a basis on which to grant or refuse approval for a requested exterior change by a homeowner so that such refusal or approval is not perceived as arbitrary or capricious.

            Third, it is intended to serve as prior notice of requirements and restrictions that can provide a legal basis for removing or altering exterior changes to a home.

Variation in enforcement of architectural integrity since Carter Hill was built in 1972 has resulted in exterior changes that are not in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.  Such alterations, how-ever, shall not be construed as permissible nor can it serve as a precedent, simply because they are there.

The board will conduct periodic walk-throughs of the community to determine if changes have been made in violation of the Architectural Guidelines or pose a safety hazard.  Violators will be asked to comply with the guidelines and provided a timeframe to make the changes at the owner’s expense.  Failure to improve the condition within the timeframe outlined by the board will result in enforcement measures allowed by law.


1.       All CHHA homeowners are required to request and receive permission from the CHHA Board of Directors or the Architectural Committee to make any repairs, alterations, or additions to the exterior of a home including, but not limited to:

-          Doors (including storm doors)

-          Windows (unless they are exact or close to exact replacement of existing windows)

-          Color change to any part of the exterior

-          Roofs, including shingles (except for normal repairs)

-          Wires or cables that are visible on a wall or roof

-          Satellite dish and antenna

-          Surface change to any part of the exterior, including siding and paneling

-          Painting (except normal repairs or upkeep using same color)

-          Pipes and stacks

-          Balcony replacement

-          Balcony screening

-          Fencing (except split rail fencing)

-          Stoop, walkway, or other concrete work (except for normal repairs)

-          Driveway changes (except for normal repairs)

-          Any addition to the structure

-          Tree and tall bush plantings that will grow over six feet

-          Any permanent structure on the lot such as shed or treehouse.

2.     Requests for all building additions, including balcony enclosures, shall be submitted with either design plans or clear architectural renderings that show where it will be located and what it will look like when completed, including materials and colors that will be used.  Upon approval of the Board, the plans can be submitted to the City of Rockville for a building permit as required by City code.

3.       Balcony enclosures in town homes shall blend in as much as possible with the rest of the town home and not be of contrasting colors.

4.       Under no circumstances shall any other material be used except brick of identical of near identical color and appearance when repairing or replacing any part of the brick wall.

5.       Deteriorating wood on the manor homes may be replaced with wood of close to the color of the original wood or with vinyl close to the color of the original wood.

6.       Shingles on roofs should be earth tones.

7.      CHHA homeowner(s) are expected to keep their homes repaired and in good condition in accordance with city and county codes and regulations.  Disrepair that changes the appearance of a home such as boarded up windows, broken down fences, or hanging gutters may be sufficient to warrant enforcement of these guidelines by the Board of Directors or Architectural Committee.

8.     If a house has sustained major damage as a result of fire, vandalism, flood, hurricane or other damaging force, the homeowner(s) must submit to the Board restorative rebuilding design plans along with a schedule as soon as practical, but in no case longer than 45 days.  Providing the plans to the Architectural Committee or President shall be deemed sufficient to constitute submission.  As with other changes to building exteriors, the restoration shall be as close as possible to the original construction, including use of the same materials and color.  The Board shall act expeditiously to review and make a decision on the proposed exterior restorative construction, but in no case longer than 30 days from date of submission.  If the plans are approved by the Board, the homeowner(s) shall proceed without delay to obtain other building approvals and insurance payouts so that restoration and repairs commences as soon as possible.  If the proposed restorative construction is disapproved, the homeowner(s) shall be given a time frame of 30 days to make required changes and resubmit the plans for approval.  The Board shall have the right to take enforcement measures against homeowner(s) who unreasonably delays restorative construction, unless the delay is due to conditions outside the homeowner(s) control such as inaction by official permit issuers, inclement weather, construction company failure, or an uncooperative insurance carrier.

9.     All structural elements of the dwelling must be kept in good repair and condition.  Replacement wooden elements of the balconies must be protected from weather damage by paint of the original color.  Elements of the deck that are visible from outside the house must be protected from weather damage either by paint or by other means.

10.  Gutters, downspouts and drainage pipes of all townhouses must be kept in good repair and order.  Disrepair of the gutters of all townhouses may result in flooding of the basements, sagging of the walkways, concrete stairs or retaining walls, and as such presents a safety hazard for the homeowner(s) as well as neighbors.

11.  Townhouse exteriors must be kept free of the dirt and mildew caused by the rain splashing on the walls.  Homeowner(s) of townhouses must take necessary measures to protect their homes from mold and mildew damage of the exterior and interior of the dwelling as it may impact the home of a neighbor.


Approved by CHHA Board April 2003 (Ben Stubenberg, President)

  * * * * * * *



February 18, 2014  

Board Members Present:

Marcia Gaffney


Luba Shtipelman

Vice President

Peter Poltorak


Abby Lewis

At Large

Bill He           

City Liaison

Ram Nagendran

Web Master

Joe Hlavaty

At Large

Marina Lokshin

At Large

The 2014 Carter Hill Annual Meeting was called to order by President Marcia Gaffney at 7:40 p.m., at the Korean Presbyterian Church of Rockville, 800 Hurley Ave.


Treasurer Sarah Medearis presented the 2014 Annual Budget.  She indicated that the 2013 expenses had actually come in slightly under budget in part due to less than anticipated ground maintenance costs influenced by the mild winter weather in 2013.


Sarah also discussed the need to raise the dues in 2014 in order to save money for the upcoming pool restoration required in 2015-2016, as well as other future projects affecting the aging Carter Hill HOA community, for example, parking lot assessments, sidewalk repair, tree assessment etc.


A suggestion had been made by several Carter Hill residents to change the pool hours during the months of August and September to 12:30-8:30 due to the shortening of daylight hours during the latter part of the summer.  Discussion was held; a motion was made, seconded and passed, to change the pool hours during August and September.


The issue of trash and recycling container storage was discussed.    Although the City of Rockville has exempted Carter Hill from automated container use and alley pick up, containers are generally required to be kept out of the sight.  It was found that sending a direct email communication to offenders, rather than sending blast emails to all residents, seemed to be more beneficial when asking residents to conceal household trash cans.


Marcia  also reminded attendees about the architectural guidelines and the requirement that residents need to notify the board (and obtain permission from the board when necessary) about any exterior work, including roofing work, deck enclosures and installing fences, on the private property that is a member of the CHHOA.


Bill He updated residents about the Glenora Stream Restoration project and Karma Academy property developments.


The board addressed issues raised from the floor:


1) With regards to trees in the Guy Court parking area Marcia advised that, if the tree is on private property, the CHHOA does not extend its responsibilities and/or cover expenses involving trees on the private properties.


2) With regards to a question regarding excessive grass cutting during the summer, residents were advised that the contract agreement with the company providing these services is for overall ground maintenance and any additional grass cuttings do not incur any additional costs. 


3) A concern regarding unknown cars being parked in designated areas specifically assigned to residents was raised.    The issue of residents using visitors’ parking spaces if they had more than 2 vehicles was also raised.  Marcia advised that the board had not been previously aware of these issues.  She also encouraged residents to contact any Board member to report any unknown vehicles if they should see them parked in either designated or visitor spots for any length of time.


Marcia made a motion, seconded by Sarah, to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m.


Peter Poltorak, 


Posted 7/1/14 

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